Best AI Affiliate Programs in 2024 ūü§Ė (Top Offers)

Best AI Affiliate Programs in 2024 ūü§Ė (Top Offers)

The world of AI is booming, and with it, exciting opportunities for affiliate marketers. Here are some top-tier AI affiliate programs to consider in 2024, categorized by target audience and features:

For Businesses and Professionals:

  •¬†A leading AI writing assistant offering long-form content creation,¬†email writing,¬†and marketing copy,¬†with annual plans exceeding $4,000.¬†Commissions range from 20% to 30%.
  • Scalenut:¬†An AI-powered content creation platform with features like plagiarism checking,¬†SEO optimization,¬†and content calendars.¬†High-tier plans reach $999 monthly,¬†and commissions can reach 40%.
  •¬†An AI-powered copywriting tool capable of generating various marketing materials,¬†with plans exceeding $800 annually.¬†Commissions range from 20% to 30%.
  • Anyword:¬†An advanced AI copywriting platform used by marketing agencies and enterprises.¬†Premium plans reach $7,200 annually,¬†and commissions can reach 25%.
  • Synthesia:¬†AI video creation platform featuring text-to-video and personalized video generation.¬†Pricing ranges from $99 to $999 monthly,¬†with commissions around 20%.
  • Murf AI:¬†AI voiceovers and text-to-speech platform with impressive realism and customization options.¬†Plans reach $499 monthly,¬†and commissions range from 20% to 30%.
  • Descript:¬†All-in-one audio editing and podcasting platform powered by AI features like automated transcription and editing.¬†Individual plans reach $24 per month,¬†but team plans can go much higher.¬†Commissions are 20%.

For Individuals and Creatives:

  • Midjourney:¬†AI art generation platform known for its unique and dreamlike artistic style.¬†Pro plan reaches $60 monthly,¬†and commissions are 20%.
  • DreamStudio by WOMBO:¬†Another popular AI art platform with diverse artistic styles and a focus on user-friendliness.¬†Pro plan reaches $50 monthly,¬†and commissions are 20%.
  • NightCafe Creator:¬†AI art platform with high-resolution options and customizable settings.¬†Pro plan reaches $49 monthly,¬†and commissions are 20%.
  • Lumen5:¬†AI video creation platform for social media content and marketing,¬†with user-friendly templates and various features.¬†Pro plan reaches $59 monthly,¬†and commissions are 20%.
  • Artbreeder:¬†AI-powered collaborative breeding platform for creating unique creatures and digital art.¬†Premium plan reaches $19 monthly,¬†and commissions are 20%.


  • Consider your target audience and niche when choosing programs.
  • Focus on products with high-value plans and recurring subscriptions for potential high commissions.
  • Look for affiliate programs with good cookie durations and reliable tracking software.
  • Prioritize promoting products you believe in and offer genuine value to your audience.

Bonus Tip: Explore affiliate programs for specific AI tools or services within your niche, like SEO optimization or social media management.

I hope this list helps you identify high-performing AI affiliate programs to boost your earning potential in 2024!

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