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Affiliate marketing has become an extremely popular way for publishers, bloggers, and influencers to monetize their online presence. The basic premise is that affiliates promote or sell a company’s products or services, and earn a commission for each sale or lead generated.

One affiliate marketing network that has grown in popularity and reputation is GetResponse. GetResponse is an email marketing platform that helps businesses and marketers manage contacts, create email campaigns, automate marketing flows, and track results.

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GetResponse also has a robust affiliate program that rewards affiliates for driving new customers to use their platform. The program is free to join, and offers competitive commission rates along with a suite of marketing tools to help affiliates promote GetResponse.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore if GetResponse’s affiliate program is a good fit for affiliate marketers looking to boost their earnings through email marketing promotions. We’ll look at the commission structure, available promotional tools, marketing support, and more to determine the pros and cons of the GetResponse affiliate program.

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What is GetResponse?

GetResponse is an email marketing platform that was founded in 1999. Based in Poland, GetResponse has grown over the last 20+ years to become one of the most popular email marketing solutions worldwide.

GetResponse offers a wide range of features for managing email marketing campaigns, including:

  • Drag and drop email builder to create professional email templates
  • Automation tools like autoresponders and workflows
  • Landing page creator to design custom landing pages
  • Form builder to collect leads and grow your list
  • Marketing CRM to organize and track contacts
  • Campaign analytics to monitor performance
  • A/B testing to optimize campaigns
  • API integration to connect other apps and services

Unlike some other email service providers that only offer basic email newsletters, GetResponse provides a robust email marketing platform suitable for bloggers, ecommerce businesses, agencies, and enterprises. Its combination of ease-of-use and powerful features has helped GetResponse gain over 350,000 users worldwide.

So in summary, GetResponse is a veteran player in the email marketing and automation space that has helped hundreds of thousands of businesses and marketers grow their online presence. Its longevity and large user base make GetResponse a solid choice for managing email campaigns of any size.

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GetResponse’s Affiliate Program

GetResponse’s affiliate program offers competitive commissions, tools and support to help affiliates succeed.

Some key features of the GetResponse affiliate program:

  • Generous commission rates – GetResponse pays affiliates 30% recurring commissions on all sales they refer. This is a very competitive commission rate compared to other email marketing platforms.
  • Lifetime cookies – Once an affiliate refers a customer to GetResponse, they will receive commissions on that customer for life. This creates great long-term potential.
  • Monthly payments – Commissions are paid out monthly with no minimum thresholds. This provides affiliates with a reliable stream of recurring income.
  • Dedicated affiliate platform – GetResponse provides affiliates with their own affiliate dashboard to track visits, leads and sales. The platform provides detailed analytics and campaign reporting.
  • Marketing assets – Affiliates get access to a library of banners, text links, email templates, landing pages and more to help promote GetResponse.
  • Affiliate support – GetResponse has an affiliate management team available to assist affiliates with optimizing their campaigns and answering questions.

Overall, GetResponse offers a highly attractive affiliate program with great commissions, helpful tools and dedicated support for affiliates. The lifetime value of referred customers makes it a great product to promote as an affiliate.

GetResponse Affiliate Commission Rates

GetResponse offers tiered commission rates based on the number of customers you refer each month. This gives affiliates the potential to earn higher commissions as they grow their user base.

The commission tiers are:

  • 20% for 0-4 sales per month
  • 30% for 5-9 sales per month
  • 35% for 10-24 sales per month
  • 40% for 25+ sales per month

So if you refer over 25 new customers to GetResponse in a month, you can earn a 40% recurring commission on those customers’ subscriptions. That’s a very competitive rate compared to other email marketing affiliate programs.

The commissions apply to all GetResponse subscription plans, including Pro, Plus and Max. So regardless of the plan your referrals purchase, you can maximize your earnings with GetResponse’s top tier 40% commission rate.

The recurring nature of the commissions creates great potential for long-term passive income. As an affiliate, you continue earning commissions for as long as the customer you referred remains subscribed to GetResponse. So you can build up a recurring revenue stream by growing your user base over time.

With the tiered commission structure, your earnings scale up as your referral count increases. This creates an incentive to promote GetResponse actively as an affiliate, knowing your commission rates improve steadily alongside your referral growth.

Overall, GetResponse’s tiered commission rates up to 40% provide an appealing earnings potential for affiliate marketers. The system rewards affiliates who drive high sales volumes by increasing their commission percentages automatically.

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GetResponse Affiliate Tools

GetResponse provides affiliates with various tools to help promote their affiliate links and campaigns. These include:

  • Creatives: GetResponse offers banners, text links, product images, email creatives, and other promotional assets that affiliates can use to advertise GetResponse. These are available in multiple sizes and formats to use on websites, social media, emails, and more.
  • Landing Pages: Affiliates get access to a library of pre-built landing pages that can be used to promote GetResponse offers. These landing pages are already optimized for conversions and can be easily customized with your affiliate link.
  • Analytics: In-depth analytics are provided within the GetResponse affiliate platform. These allow affiliates to track visits, leads, sales, conversion rates, earnings, and more for their campaigns. Affiliates can see which promotional methods are working best.
  • Affiliate Network Integration: GetResponse’s affiliate program integrates with major affiliate networks like ShareASale, Refersion, and more. Affiliates in these networks can easily find and promote GetResponse offers.
  • Discount Coupons: Affiliates can generate special discount coupons for GetResponse to promote to their audience. This incentivizes potential customers to sign-up through the affiliate’s link.
  • Product Data Feeds: Data feeds containing product info, pricing, images, etc are available for affiliates. These can be imported into affiliate stores/sites to showcase GetResponse’s services.

Overall, GetResponse provides a versatile set of promotional tools and assets to help affiliates successfully market GetResponse products and services. These tools aim to maximize conversions for affiliates.

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GetResponse Affiliate Support

GetResponse provides a high level of support to help affiliates succeed. Affiliates have access to dedicated affiliate managers who can provide one-on-one guidance and tips. The affiliate managers are knowledgeable about the GetResponse platform, the affiliate program incentives, and strategies to boost conversions.

Affiliates also get access to a library of marketing assets including email templates, banners, text links, and creatives. Having these pre-designed assets makes promoting GetResponse much easier than having to create your own. The assets are professionally designed and optimized for conversions.

Additionally, GetResponse has an online affiliate community where affiliates can interact with each other. The community allows affiliates to exchange ideas, collaborate, and learn new strategies from their peers. Affiliates can participate in discussions and access an archive of content covering a wide range of affiliate marketing topics beyond just GetResponse.

The combination of personal support, marketing assets, and a peer community provides affiliates with all the tools they need to execute effective campaigns. GetResponse’s robust affiliate support system enables affiliates to get the most value out of the program.

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GetResponse for Affiliate Email Marketing

GetResponse provides powerful email marketing tools to help affiliates promote merchant offers and drive conversions. Here are some of the key email features useful for affiliate marketers:

Email Creation

  • Drag and drop email builder to quickly create beautiful, responsive emails.
  • A/B testing capabilities to optimize email performance.
  • Wide range of professional templates to save time.
  • Image editor to customize images and graphics.

Email Automation

  • Automated welcome emails to onboard new subscribers.
  • Triggers and workflows to send targeted follow-up emails.
  • RSS-to-Emails to automatically send blog updates.
  • Abandoned cart emails to recover lost sales.

List Management

  • Segment contacts into different lists for targeted messaging.
  • Tags to categorize subscribers and personalize content.
  • Contact scoring to prioritize outreach to engaged subscribers.


  • In-depth metrics on opens, clicks, unsubscribes, and more.
  • Click maps to optimize call-to-action placement.
  • A/B testing statistics to refine email content.
  • Reports to track email campaign performance.


  • Dedicated IP to maintain reputation and deliverability.
  • Inbox placement testing for major email providers.
  • Spam testing to identify any issues.
  • Bounce management tools.

With its robust affiliate-focused email marketing features, GetResponse empowers affiliates to maximize the results of their email campaigns and promote merchant offers effectively. The platform makes it easy to create targeted emails, automate workflows, analyze performance, and ensure optimal deliverability.

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GetResponse Integrations

GetResponse integrates seamlessly with many popular affiliate marketing platforms. This makes it easy to connect your email marketing efforts to your affiliate promotions.

One of the key integrations is with Clickbank, one of the largest affiliate marketing networks. When you connect your GetResponse account to Clickbank, it enables some powerful features:

  • Automatically add Clickbank buyers to predetermined email sequences in GetResponse based on what products they purchased. This lets you provide targeted, relevant follow-up messaging.
  • Sync contact details between the two platforms, keeping your lists up-to-date.
  • Track sales and commissions data in GetResponse reporting. This gives you a unified view of your results.
  • Trigger autoresponder sequences when someone makes a purchase through your Clickbank affiliate link. This automates your follow-up and helps drive repeat sales.
  • Use GetResponse forms and landing pages to capture more leads and drive traffic to your Clickbank offers.

GetResponse also integrates with other popular affiliate platforms like ShareASale, CommissionJunction, Pepperjam, and more.

Overall, these integrations make GetResponse a seamless part of your affiliate marketing workflow. You can easily capture more leads, drive more conversions, automate follow-up, and unify data in one dashboard.

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GetResponse Alternatives

When evaluating email marketing and automation platforms for affiliate marketing, GetResponse has some stiff competition. Here’s how some of the top alternatives stack up:

  • AWeber – AWeber is another popular email marketing platform with a generous 30% lifetime commission rate for affiliates. It has a drag-and-drop email builder, automation workflows, and integrations with many affiliate programs. However, its subscriber list size is capped at 500 for the basic plan.
  • ConvertKit – ConvertKit offers a 30% lifetime commission and excellent conversion optimization features like tags and segments. It’s geared more towards creators and online course businesses. The email deliverability rate is a bit lower than GetResponse.
  • ActiveCampaign – With a 20% lifetime commission rate, ActiveCampaign is a top GetResponse competitor. It has robust automation and advanced segmentation capabilities powered by AI. The interface can be complex for beginners.
  • Drip – Drip focuses on Ecommerce marketing automation with a 30% lifetime commission. It offers in-depth customer data, cart abandonment sequences, and sales funnel optimization. Drip doesn’t have an email builder.
  • MailerLite – MailerLite has a simple drag-and-drop email builder and automation workflows. The lifetime affiliate commission rate is 30%, but subscribers are capped at 1,000 per month for the free plan.
  • MailChimp – MailChimp has a huge user base but a lower commission rate at 40% for the first month only. It lacks some advanced features like A/B testing and its deliverability rates are not as strong.

GetResponse remains a top choice for affiliate marketers thanks to its mix of generous commissions, email marketing and automation capabilities, and integrations with affiliate platforms. But several competitors give it a run for its money. Evaluating your specific needs and audience is advised.

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In summary, GetResponse provides a feature-rich email marketing platform that can be a great fit for affiliate marketers. Its easy-to-use drag and drop editor makes it simple to create professional looking email campaigns to promote affiliate products.

GetResponse offers competitive commission rates on par with other top affiliate programs. You can potentially earn commissions of up to 33% per sale on some products. They provide a range of tools to help affiliates drive conversions and track performance.

The platform integrates well with many ecommerce platforms, shopping carts, and affiliate networks. This allows you to seamlessly connect your affiliate promotions from within GetResponse. Automations and workflows can be set up to optimize your affiliate email marketing.

While GetResponse meets most needs for affiliate marketers, alternatives like ConvertKit, MailerLite and Sendinblue are worth looking at. They may better suit your budget and needs. Evaluate all options to find the best email marketing platform for your affiliate promotions.

Overall, GetResponse is a good choice for affiliate marketers looking for a full-featured email marketing service with great affiliate tools and competitive commissions. The platform provides the capabilities to run optimized affiliate campaigns and grow your earnings.

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What is an affiliate marketing program?

An affiliate marketing program is a way to earn money by referring new users to our products and services. We give you a unique and shareable link to use on your website, blog, YouTube channel, social media profile, and so on. Through your unique link, our affiliate marketing software tracks your performance and sales conversions to pay you accordingly.

Which program should I join?

The recurring program suits affiliates who want to build long-term passive monthly income. Affiliates will receive commissions for as long as their referrals stay paying customers. The bounty program suits affiliates who want to get paid a larger sum upfront. Affiliates will receive one-time commissions for each sale. If you still can’t decide, you can join and experiment with both programs.

Can anyone join your affiliate program?

Yes, our program is free to join and open to bloggers, YouTubers, online marketers, digital entrepreneurs, and more. You don’t need to be an existing GetResponse customer to become an affiliate, but we’d love for you to try our all-in-one marketing platform. You can start with the GetResponse Free plan and go from there. As an affiliate, you may benefit from special offers and discounts.

Who can I refer?

GetResponse is the perfect solution for anyone who needs a complete digital marketing solution. Our products are suitable for many users, including online marketers, entrepreneurs, content creators, freelancers, and SMBs. Furthermore, our website is available in 25+ languages to serve customers globally.

What are the cookie durations for your programs?

We offer a 120-day cookie for all our programs to give you plenty of time for sales conversions. For instance, if a referral doesn’t convert immediately, you can still earn a commission if s/he returns and upgrades to a paid plan within 120 days. Additionally, we attribute sales based on the last click referred.

How do you track my sales and performance?

After signing up, you’ll get a unique and shareable affiliate link to use immediately. We use cookie tracking and your affiliate link to record clicks, new accounts, sales, and performance data. If you require a unique promo code, contact the affiliate team for more details.

How much can I earn?

There are no limits on how much you can make. The more referrals that convert through your affiliate link, the more you’ll earn. We pay a 33% recurring commission or $100 one-time commission, depending on the program.

When will I get paid?

For the recurring program, we pay commissions around the 20th of each month for verified sales from the previous month.

For the bounty program, we pay commissions within 30 days, after a 60-day sales verification period. For both programs, you must exceed the minimum threshold of $50 to receive payment.

Please be aware that your chosen payment type could be subject to additional processing times/fees that we don’t control.

Is deep linking available?

Deep linking is available, and it’s how an affiliate creates a link to a specific page on the merchant’s site. Instead of using a standard homepage affiliate link, you can link to a web page, blog, or resource related to your content to increase relevance and conversion rates.

Can I join both GetResponse affiliate programs?

Yes, you can. You can join both our recurring and bounty programs.

What happens after I sign up?

After you sign up, you’ll get a welcome email with your login information and details about the program.

Should I disclose the use of affiliate links in my content?

After signing up, you’ll get a unique and shareable affiliate link to use immediately. We use cookie tracking and your affiliate link to record clicks, new accounts, sales, and performance data. If you require a unique promo code, contact the affiliate team for more details.


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    🔴GetResponse Review 2024: Best Email Marketing for Affiliates?
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